Our story

Raised in America’s Deep South, Grace's childhood was a unique blend of Western culture and Eastern medicine wisdom practiced by her mother. Her home buzzed with the making of plant-based cures and the sweet aroma of medicinal herbs. These were everyday practices in her home and became like a second language for her from a young age.

Inspired by the memories of her mother’s healing practices, she decided to experiment. She created her own concoctions of smokable herbs, birthing a new kind of tobacco-free cigarette. These handmade cigarettes became Grace’s solution to nicotine cravings.

She managed to step away from her tobacco addiction, finding her way back to her roots. More than that, she found a way to seamlessly blend this with her lifestyle, being able to join her friends for a better kind of smoke.

Spurred by her personal success, Grace wanted to share the benefits of her tobacco-free alternatives. She started Better Smoke, a platform to provide non-addictive, smokable herbs. Through Better Smoke, Grace offers a fresh perspective on smoking, encouraging a return to natural remedies and challenging the mainstream narrative on tobacco use.